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Hey! Nice to see you've taken the pains to come here. This site has been up for quite a while and finally has some sort of a decent structure and organisation to it. CSS isn't all that bad ;)

I've put in a wee bit of effort to make sure this place is standards compliant. Atleast most of it is. Things are still being added onto the site and you're bound to hit some 404s for a while.

A few things...

The navigation bar you see on the left is available across the pages, so you should have no difficulty moving around. Links that aren't currently blue are still being worked on and should be up sometime soon. If there are any issues with the site or if you would like to drop me a line, feel free to do so -- xinetd at accosted dot net.


  • Update: 06 Oct 2005, Complete redesign.
  • Update: 11 Nov 2004, Site now hosted by
  • Update: 14 Oct 2004, Switched to PHP.

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